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Sail Green with MSC Yacht Club

MSC Yacht Club Cruise The MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive ship within a ship – a sanctuary at sea. Experience the height of luxury with a whole new dimension of pampering and lavish accommodations. Choose from a multitude of ships from their fleet. Enjoy your vacation with the personalized service and attention of your very own personal butler who will be dedicated exclusively to you 24 hours a day.

If you’re an eco-friendly traveler, don’t worry because MSC Yacht Club is an eco-friendly luxury vacation provider. “MSC Cruises respects the ocean, aiming to carry passengers around the world with a minimum of effect on the sea itself. We maintain high standards in disposing of waste materials and monitoring energy usage, doing the utmost to minimize the impact of the ships on the ocean water.”

Through various efforts, MSC Yacht Club has provided an eco-friendly cruising experience. Recycling of waste water with the Adavanced Water Treatment, optimization of air-conditioned areas and Intersleek 900 – the use of “new revolutionary paint ‘foul release’ with fluor-polymers, a non-toxic substance which helps reduce CO2 emissions through the reduction of fuel” are just a few of the things MSC Yacht Club has done.

Their efforts do not go unnoticed. In fact, MSC Yacht Club has earned numerous honors and awards:

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Sailing with MSC Yacht Club provides travelers with the highest level of personalized luxury while still maintaining minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

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