Ponant Cruises: Escape For The Holidays

Young lady relaxing in hammock on the sandy beachStart a new holiday tradition with Ponant Cruises. Escape for the holidays aboard one of their luxury yachts. With three different itineraries available, there’s still time to book your holiday excursion.

In March 2012 you could be traveling from Muscat, Oman to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Visit the capital of Qatar and spend the afternoon enjoying a 4×4 trip across the Arabian dunes to “an inland sea of sand.” While at port in Abu Dhabi enjoy the “Manhattan of the Emirates” – one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Take a moment to visit the Heritage Village, “and amazing reconstruction of the way of life, traditions and cultures of Bedouin camps in the desert.”

You’ll spend eight days and seven nights sailing through the United Arab Emirates, ending in Dubai. During your journey, you’ll see “an astonishing kaleidoscope of ancient fortresses and futuristic architecture.” Take time to witness the breathtaking Kingdom of Bahrain – an “archipelago of 33 tiny islands, a bridge between the Middle East and the international world.”

Set sail aboard Le Ponant in April 2012 from Aqaba, Jordan. Spend seven days and six nights sailing to Alexandria, Egypt. During your journey, you’ll pass through the Suez Canal in Egypt. The waterway links the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and keeps the arid desert inhabitable. The town of Port Said was created from the successful project in the 19th century to build the canal. On your way, you’ll spend time on the shores of the Red Sea in Ain Soukhna, Egypt. Explore the oldest Christian monastery in Egypt, where 65 Coptic monks still live today.

Enjoy the new year and have time to yourself. People often become too stressed during the holiday’s to ever enjoy them. Relax and let Ponant Cruises take care of you for a change.

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