Silversea Expeditions: Cruises to Arctic & Antarctica

Silversea Expeditions

Vacations don’t need to involve tropical beaches, fruity beverages and tan lines. Some people prefer to head as far north as possible to witness the Aurora Borealis, penguin chicks and icebergs. Silversea Expeditions offers every traveler to chance for all of that and more in their Arctic Expedition and Antarctica Expeditions.

The Arctic Circle is the perfect place to discover exciting new things. While snow-capped mountains tower in the distance, you will sail through glacier-filled bays to see colonies of seabirds nesting and walrus snoozing. Learn of Viking legends and hear the history of whaling as you sail further north and enter the Arctic Circle. The days never seem to end as the sunlight stretches late into the evening. Head out on a whale watching adventure to catch a glimpse of the fluke of a tail or signs of the narwhal and their single long tusk. Coming soon in 2012, Silversea‘s Arctic cruises will explore Russia’s White Sea, Novaya Zemlya and the Franz Josef Land archipelago. The new itinerary will explore a route once restricted by the Iron Curtain and is only accessible during the summer months.

Arctic & Antarctica Cruises Head south and enter the life-changing wilderness of Antarctica – the modern explorer’s final frontier. As you sail through the southernmost areas of the world, you’ll see seals sunbathing on slow-moving ice floes, natural ice sculptures, and you’ll hear the cries of thousands of penguins. Aboard the Silver Explorer you will have the chance to experience what few have before – humpback whales breaching, elephant seals relaxing and the sunset over Antarctica.

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring exciting new frontiers, Silversea Expeditions will take you there. Heading to the ends of the earth isn’t for everyone but the endless thrills and quiet chills of the Arctic Circle can only be rivaled by the life-changing experience that can be had in Antarctica.

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