Viking River Cruises: A Whole New World

Viking Cruises Cruising down a river is seemingly the best way to explore. You can journey to the heart of many great cities with ease aboard a Viking River Cruise — a vessel specifically designed to sail with ease through restricted areas of the world. You’ll end up spending less time getting there and more time being there.

When larger cities were developing around the world, they were concentrated around waterways – they were literally built with river access in mind. With Viking River Cruises, you’ll sail directly into the heart of many destinations, stepping right off the boat into the center of town.

Viking vacations range from 8 to 23 days along Europe’s Rhine, Main, Danube, Seine, Saône, Rhône, and Elbe Rivers; Russia’s Volga and Svir; Ukraine’s Dnieper and China’s Yangtze. Many voyages, including those in China, Egypt, the Mekong region and some in Europe, are ‘cruisetours,’ which include both hotel stays and river cruising.

Travel with ease aboard your intimate Viking River Cruises vessel. Rivers offer smooth sailing so there’s no concern about motion sickness. “Unpack just once and enjoy scenic cruising on wide, smooth rivers instead of enduring extensive bus rides or long days at sea without scenery.” The intimate atmosphere is worth mentioning as well. The ships accommodate between 120 and 260 guests, so it’s easy to make new friends. Also, there’s no waiting in long lines to embark, disembark or have a meal.

Viking River Cruises are all-inclusive — the price includes accommodations, onboard meals, most shore excursions and cultural activities. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are usually not included but special offers sometimes include wine with onboard dinners. The focus is on the river and the ports of call, onboard activities are minimal but all itineraries include at least one shore excursion per day.

Aboard a Viking River Cruise, you’re likely to see “fairytale palaces, towering gorges carved through millennia, tiny villages nestled in the still preserved beauty of the landscape” and more. The breathtaking scenery is constantly changing and is viewable throughout the entire ship – panoramic windows and 360° views from the sun deck make that possible.

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