SeaDream: Transatlantic Cruise

SeaDream Transatlantic Cruise Traveling the world becomes a different experience when you choose to travel aboard a SeaDream Cruise. “With a maximum of 112 guests and a crew of 95, SeaDream provides exceptional service.” SeaDream provides a passage on a sleek mega-yacht that is a combination of extraordinary service and abundant choices.

Travel aboard the SeaDream I on a Transatlantic Cruise departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Funchal, Madeira and Portugal. After nine luxurious days at sea venture off the yacht to explore the largest city – Portugal’s Autonomous Region of Medeira. Take a ride on the passenger gondola lift that transports people from the lower section of the city to the suburd of Monte. Spend just three more relaxing days at sea before reaching your final port of call in Malaga, Spain – the birth place of Pablo Picasso.

Leaving April 28th from San Juan, Puerto Rico the SeaDream II travels for eleven days at sea, arriving in Seville, Spain on May 10th where you will enjoy the view of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Sierra Morena mountains. “Enjoying culture from the Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews and Christians throughout the ages, and serving as the focal point of the Spanish Renaissance, Seville is rich in history and tradition.” The yacht navigates 60 miles up the Guadalquivir River and docks in the heart of Seville.

Aboard a SeaDream yacht it’s easy to enjoy the relaxing experience of an unstructured holiday doing what you please when you please. It’s easy to imagine your ship really is a private mega-yacht – “it’s yachting, not cruising.”

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