Luxury Supper Clubs at Sea

Making a comeback on select luxury cruise ships are cabaret-style supper clubs. Reminiscent of old New York glamour, they offer fantastic cocktails, dance floors, bandstands and ambient lighting. Some also serve a decadent dinner accompanied by live music in a romantic setting. Experience the fun and step back in time at these unique venues where sipping wine, dining and dancing is available in a beautiful, retro-styled, hot-spot.

Discerning travelers on select ships have the opportunity to take advantage of a new evening experience,  the very chic supper club scene has been resurrected by multiple cruise lines. Some of these require reservations which can be easily made with the restaurant manager upon embarkation.

Enjoy conversation and music in an intimate setting while seated on the periphery of a semicircular stage and dance floor as you dine on a tantalizing four-course meal. You’ll be entertained by a seven-piece band, including vocalists. These special evenings typically conclude so you’re able to catch the late production shows in the theater.

Glam it up as much as you like at unforgettable “Black Tie Optional” evenings on some sailings. You may discover some are evocative of a famous New York City cabaret. Others may conjure memories of  the famous 1960’s “Rat Pack” era, showcasing the music and vibe of legendary crooners in their heyday.

Enhancing the evening, musicians will play throughout your dinner and guests may join entertainment staff, take to the floor and trip their own light fantastic.

The decor in these Supper Clubs is also quite impressive. Some even feature magnificent glass ceilings and other high-end attributes. While not all feature dining, both modern temptations and standard favorite cocktails are always on the menu.

Enjoy the sophisticated ambiance, delicious cocktails, captivating music, plus much more available on a handful of luxury cruise ships..

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