Oceania Cruises: Shore Excursions Overview

Oceania Cruises Shore Excursions

Varied, destination-rich itineraries are an essential component of Oceania Cruises. Oceania Cruises sails to more than 180 ports in Europe, China and the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Oceania’s award-winning program of shore excursions augments each traveler’s passion to pursue new discoveries and cultures.

Every port of call provides an opportunity to explore a new world. While traveling with Oceania Cruises, travelers will be able to experience all the beauties of the world and feel safe while doing so. Professional English-speaking experts will guide you through your journey. Adventurers will travel with premier licensed and insured, tour companies aboard the best available, climate controlled luxury transportation. The ship’s staff is never far away as each excursion is monitored closely.

A staff of experienced, excursion specialists expertly plans each tour. With this close attention to detail your time in each port will be maximized. In addition to various group excursions, travelers have the opportunity to choose the Executive Collection. This provides highly customized, private tours with personal services.

Oceania Cruises provides her guests a distinctive combination. From the finest cuisine at sea, award-winning itineraries and shore excursions, and outstanding values she sets herself apart as a five-star cruise line.

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